We Believe

"´Big Journey begin with small steps ´. This philosophy has driven us in the humble beginning of Ecob, an ethical lifestyle boutique in 2016.We believe that fashion choices can be made without compromising the larger good.In fact fashion can be form of activism and empowerment. We Believe in conscious people like you who want to make gentle footprints on this planet but firm footprints on life of others. Lets join together because every step we take ,especially collectively counts 

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Rattan bags

Rattan bags are a type of fashion accessory that has gained popularity in recent years. Made from the sustainable and natural material known as rattan, these bags offer a unique and stylish alternative to traditional handbags.

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Eco printed t-shirts and stoles are sustainable fashion staples that prioritize both style and environmental responsibility. Made using a natural dyeing technique, these garments are adorned with intricate patterns and designs created by pressing leaves, flowers, and other natural elements onto the fabric

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Rattan is a type of vine that is native to tropical regions and is known for its flexibility and durability. The accesories are handwoven by skilled artisans, resulting in intricate and beautiful designs.

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