'Big journeys begin with small steps'. This philosophy has driven us in the humble beginning of Ecob, an ethical lifestyle boutique in 2016. We believe that fashion choices can be made without compromising the larger good. In fact fashion can be a form of activism and empowerment. We believe in conscious people like you who want to make gentle footprints on this planet but firm footprints on the life of others. Lets join together because every step we take, especially collectively counts.


Rattan Bags

Made in Bali (Indonesia). These 100% Real and Natural (Not Synthetic) handmade Rattan Bags come with Batik Lining Inside (Fabric Pattern Varies for Each Bag). They are hand woven and then smoked over a coconut husk to attain their natural golden color. Slight smoky scent will dissipate over time with exposure to air. Each bag is individually hand crafted by our local Bali artisans. No two bags are identical.

carton bags

Water-resistant, durable ecofriendly backpacks that you can customize with a simple marker. Consciously coloured and trimmed with thoughtfully sourced zippers and clasps, our quirky strap bags aren’t just affordable; they’re guilt free glamour at its finest.


Carrer dels banys nous, 5, local 2, Barcelona, 08002

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Carrer dels Banys Nous, 5, local 2, 08002 Barcelona, Spain